04 Jan

Lower Back Problem and Recumbent Exercise Bike

Do you know that lower back problem is a common thing nowadays. Especially in women. More specifically, women after pregnancy and giving birth.

People with lower back problems will probably have a hard time getting the right amount of exercise. Because most exercise programs are overly intensive, it discourages these people to join because it might aggravate their condition.

The recumbent exercise bike provides a solution for people who have lower back problems. It is a type of exercise bike that enables the rider to be in a reclining position. As such, the overall weight of the rider is supported by the bike’s larger area. On the contrary, a normal upright bicycle puts you in a forward-leaning position. As such, your body weight rests on a smaller area which can put a strain on the spine.

Compared to a traditional type of exercise bike, why is the recumbent bike better particularly for people who have lower back problems? Here are some of the reasons.

A recumbent bike is safer. The head of a normal cyclist is placed about half a meter higher than that of a recumbent rider. Therefore, the possibility of getting severe head injuries is significantly higher in a traditional upright bike. Also, because the recumbent rider is positioned in a lying position, he or she cannot fall on the ground headfirst.

A recumbent bike is more comfortable to use. Because the riding position enables you to lie down, your spine is in a resting position. Therefore, those with back pains do not have to flex their spines when in a recumbent bike.

It also does not require people to sit in a small area. As such, it is helpful for those who have urogenital troubles as they can spend more time on the bike without feeling any pain from sitting.

Also, an upright bike forces the rider to carry majority of his weight in a small area. As such, obese people will find riding a recumbent bike to be easier as the weight is spread in a large area.

A recumbent bike enables you to enjoy the scenery. In an upright bike, you will be sitting with your back curved and your head stooped low. As such, you have to crane your neck upward so that you can see the road. On the other hand, a recumbent bike will let you see the road straight ahead.

A recumbent bike is better for your health. Using an upright bike for going up the hills pushes your muscles and joints to perform harder. A three-wheel recumbent bike makes climbing up the hills easier for the general public. The stability of the wheels enables you to use a low gearing setting so that you can climb the hills with lesser strain on your joints.

Moreover, since the recumbent bike allows you to adjust the incline, there are times when your legs are nearly level with your heart. This improves your blood flow circulation as the heart can easily receive the blood from the bottom of your body.

Because of the perceived benefits of the recumbent bike, more people are now switching to this machine for their daily exercise needs. As such, it is recommended that people who have lower back problems should own a recumbent bike for their health.

31 Dec

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